Career with us

EV Garaz is a leading EV Technical Service Providers for the major 2/3/4 wheeler brands in India with huge network of EV Technicians and Experts.
If you are Electric Vehicle Expert having more than 1 year experience in Electric Vehicle Industry and wants to associate with EV Garaz then please send us your resume or apply with your detail and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Current Openings

- Electric Vehicle 2/3/4 wheeler Service Technician
- EV 2/3/4 wheeler Controller Repair Engineer
- EV 2/3/4 wheeler Charger Repair Engineer
- EV Lithium Battery Repair Engineer
- EV Conversion Engineer for 2/3/4 ICE Vehicle to Electric
- EV Charge Station installation and Service Technician
- EV/Battery/Charge Sation Trainer with Hand On Practical knowledge

Our Technical Expertise EV Brands