Manpower Staffing & Consulting

Indian Electric Vehicle Industry is disrupting the existing Automobile market with new EV Products manufacturing due to the new EV Policies, Growing Charge Station Infrastructure, cost reduction in Battery technology. But due to lack of EV skilled Technical manpower the after sale support is getting impacted at the Dealership/Retailer level which is directly or indirectly impacting the sales of EV due to bad customer experience and review.

EV Garaz with highly skilled manpower network and expertise technical knowledge on EV Industry is working towards the issues by providing the following solutions

- Manpower Staffing/Consulting to Distributers, Dealers and Retailers and Start-up for Sales and Technical Services
- Customer Relationship and Brand Marketing for Distributers/Dealers/Retailers
- Training the existing staffs of EV Manufacturers, Dealers and Retailers on EV Sales and Technical Services
- Manpower Staffing/Consulting for EV Battery and Charge Station Technical Services
- Online Technical Service Support for the Clients
- Outsource the complete EV sales and technical service support for a specific location/city to EV Garaz
- Manpower staffing/Consulting for Local Garages for EV Technical Services
- Partnership with Local Garages for EV Technical Services



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